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BSL stories

BSL Stories by Frank Barnes School:

Jamie Dow: Dave the Dog’s children book:

BSL stories signed by friends of Elmfield School:

Blanche Nevile:

Music by Deaf Musicians:

RAD (Royal Association for Deaf people):

Vooks: interactive books (parents get free online access to a range of children’s storybooks for one month). Suitable for pre-schoolers-Primary

Oxford Owl: suitable from 3-11 years old

Gete Pic: Digital e-library suitable for aged 12 and under

BSL vocabulary and activity sheets for deaf children and families

Some are in the free downloads section of

Communication with Deaf Toddlers/babies

Learn some practical strategies to develop communication with your deaf or hard of hearing baby or toddler. These communication videos from The University of Sheffield support and advise about communication with deaf babies and toddlers with a range of hearing loss, from mild to profound (0-3 years). - -


Advanced Bionics: ideas on how to check your child is listening well enough with his or her cochlear implant. Learn about how different speech sounds occur at different frequencies. -

The Listening Room provides free, fun activities and resources to support the development of speech, language and listening skills  

Cochlear: Sound Foundation for babies and toddlers which provides guidance in developing children’s spoken language through listening.  It is a site for cochlear implant users, but the activities are just as useful for children who wear hearing aids.  

Medel: ideas for listening and language.  This can be used with both cochlear implant wearers and hearing aid wearers.



How to tips (how to cut tubing on new earmoulds etc)


Learning the basics of Cochlear Implants (Southampton University/Auditory Implant Service)